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WA state and ID state lic

  1. 0 I am a new grad nurse with a WA state lic.
    I am interested in a position in ID, just across the border.
    Can I hold 2 lic?
    If I apply for a ID lic by endorsement, bc I have to have it in order to apply for this job, and I dont get the job....what do I do with the ID lic? I dont want it to lapse. Is there a hold on it I could put?

    Thx for any info
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    Look BON of each state sometimes you can pay to put a hold on your license.
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    Don't know about putting a hold on a license but I do hold licenses in two states without a problem from either one.
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    So with your 2 that you hold do you simply meet the criteria and continue to renew/pay for both lic?
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    Yes, both states are aware that I am licensed in both and there are no conflicts in holding both.
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    I know you can have two licenses for sure. I was trying to remember the rule Washington state, you can place your license as inactive...which is $35 (I think, check BON site). I highly recommend it because if you let i lapse, the fees can be outrageous.

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