VTE Prophylaxis Ideas

  1. 0 Yesterday I posted a question about foley removal for the SCIP core measure and got some great ideas, so I thought I would try again today with another question!

    What does your facility do to make sure that VTE prophylaxis is ordered and implemented on your patients?

    Thanks for ideas!!
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    Not in the USA but ive glanced at SCIP and most of its measured we address.
    We use lmwh, TEDS and flotons boots (SCD)
    All patient admitted unless there is contraindicated have TED stockings knee high as pre op protocol, patient calfs too big for TEDS have flotons
    Patient need a Hospital acquired thomborsis risk assement completing and lmwh prescibed or indicated why not too etc, teds+lmwh is the norm, flotons/teds but not lmwh used on our ICH and SAH and those with EVD and Lumbar drains. Pt on warfrin do not have lmwh px unless being re warfinised post op and can be on treatment dose. Oh the HAT assement completed shows on our handover sheet so that it can be brought up during ward rounds and audited.
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    Upon admission the patient gets a VTE screening by the physician and is put on either SCD's, heparin/lovenox, or both. However, unless there is a contra indication.

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