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this may be long but i just need to vent. i had this one patient a couple of nights ago that i just knew the family would give me the run around all night. he was a stage four lung cancer patient that the family was in denial... Read More

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    Patients/families tend to either LOVE me or HATE me. I feel like I've been "fired" way more times than my coworkers, but luckily my management has seen me chill out the truly crazy families, and they know I get assigned the crazy families because I usually can chill them out, so my "fired" episodes are more often because I'm taking up the slack for my coworkers. (When the family that hates everyone and has called all the way up the CEO to complain then absolutely LOVES you and says everything is fixed as long as they have you, it earns big brownie points.)
    There are some people you absolutely cannot make happy. As long as your manager understands this, things are ok. If you work for Press-Gainey obsessed managers, then when you get a family like this, you need to make the charge nurse aware of everything and maybe at shift's end let the manager know in an email or something similar. Whoever gets their story in first tends to be the one that's believed. Now that I have good managers, I just let them know room 999 is a royal pain in the backside, and maybe they can stop by to make them feel "listened to." When I had crappy management that always felt the nurse was at fault, I'd phrase it in the all-caring angelic way of the poor stressed family that's having difficulty adjusting to the pt's unfortunate diagnosis.
    I've learned to make it very obvious when I'm doing that little bit "more" to make the patient comfortable ("Let's get you comfy in this bed! Oh how I wish the beds here were easier to get comfy in!) Apologize for my delays ("I'm SO sorry it took so long for me to get out of the other patient's room") before they can complain about it. Don't feed into their complaints about the previous shift. Tell them upfront your plan for making them comfortable at the top of the shift.
    But in the end you can't please everyone, you can only do your best to cover your butt.
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    This is not related to nursing at all, because I am not a nurse yet, but it reminded me of a funny story. I used to serve and bartend, and some people just can't help but be nasty to people. I don't even think they try. It's just the way they are. It's like they are the only people in the world who matter.

    I had this one guy one time who came in and he was a weirdo, I could just tell. He ordered a Ribeye med rare with no side. Instead he wanted a soup AND a salad. Wow, this was 4 years ago and I still remember.....anyway, he wanted his soup and his salad at the same time....okay weird, but I'll oblige. So I brought out his salad and soup out asked him if he needed anything (of course he wanted crackers) and told him to enjoy and I'd be right back. When I came back the man says "Miss, my soup is too hot" I smile and say "Sir why don't you eat your salad first and let the soup cool down?" I MEAN HE HAD THEM AT THE SAME TIME COME ON!! Well, he smiled at me and I said his ribeye would be right out. Before it is even done, he has flagged down another server and told her that I never check on him and he didn't want me as his waitress anymore! HAHAHAHA! The other server was ****** because she had to wait on him then. I didn't even care. I just walked by and smiled. I think he wanted it to bother me.

    P.S. He also had to pick up 3 silverware rolls from the front. Don't ask me why he needed 3 silverware rolls. He also grabbed a stack of beverage napkins on the way to the table, and he wanted two drinks. There were probably 5 tables in the whole restaurant. I think I could manage to refill his drink before it ran out. I was a darn good server if I do say so myself

    Like the others said, just smile as you walk by and don't let it bother you. Some people are just high maintenance, without caring about inconveniencing others.
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    Some families just like to complain about everything. Jesus Christ himself could be their nurse and they'd STILL find something to complain about.
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    Quote from nurse-lou
    Some families just like to complain about everything. Jesus Christ himself could be their nurse and they'd STILL find something to complain about.
    "I don't want a man taking care of my momma! What kind of pervert wants to change an old lady's diapers! Don't you have a woman nurse here??"
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    I have been in this situation before...I hear you...((((hugs))))
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    Families like this drive me absolutely buggy. They will not be satisfied until 100% of your attention is focused on their family member. It sounds like you did your best, and too bad if it wasn't good enough for them. At least you didn't have to deal with them the second night! Whoever did, buy them some chocolates and thank them for taking one for the team!

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