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this may be long but i just need to vent. i had this one patient a couple of nights ago that i just knew the family would give me the run around all night. he was a stage four lung cancer patient... Read More

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    Quote from nurse-lou
    Some families just like to complain about everything. Jesus Christ himself could be their nurse and they'd STILL find something to complain about.
    "I don't want a man taking care of my momma! What kind of pervert wants to change an old lady's diapers! Don't you have a woman nurse here??"
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    I have been in this situation before...I hear you...((((hugs))))
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    Families like this drive me absolutely buggy. They will not be satisfied until 100% of your attention is focused on their family member. It sounds like you did your best, and too bad if it wasn't good enough for them. At least you didn't have to deal with them the second night! Whoever did, buy them some chocolates and thank them for taking one for the team!