Urine Dipstick Interpretation

  1. If this is allowed, will someone plz tell me what they think the whole picture says? Not wanting medical advise, just didn't want to show an MD at work tonight. My urine has been light amber for approx 2 days now, so tonight I dipped it. Here are the results:

    Glu: Negative
    Bil: *Small
    Ket: *15mg/dL
    SG: >= 1.030
    Blo: *Trace-intact
    pH: 5.5
    Pro:* 30mg/dL
    Uro: 0.2 E.U./dL (normal)
    nit: Neg
    Leu: Neg

    No prior medical problems, no dm, htn, liver dz, ect... My throat was kind of dry tonight, but drank some water and soda about an hour before testing. I know the ket and sg say that I'm somewhat dehydrated, but the thing that has me is the + bilirubin. Even though it's small, I was always taught that any was bad. The protein too... I am not on a high protein diet or anything. I have been trying to lose some weight, and figured that would explain the ketones. The pH being on the lower end of normal? Can anyone see any significance in all of this?
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  3. by   sharab
    Sounds to me like you need to start drinking water. Protein can build up in the kidneys and Bili indicates liver so you need to flush your system. Water is the fountain of life. we can live without all the other liquids. Water will flush the entire systems!
  4. by   mamamerlee
    Light amber is WNL. Drink a few extra glasses of water. And you are asking for medical advise.
  5. by   sirI
    Please contact your PCP. We cannot provide medical advise. Hope all resolves w/o any problems.