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Update: My seven month journey in ICU has ended - page 2

This was the thread I posted a few weeks ago. Since then, I have been applying for my dream job along with jobs I think my experience will match. I have a pending job offer for ER and an... Read More

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    Good wishes, Girl! Let us know.
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    I am another one who likes to be prepared. You can anticipate the types of questions the interviewer will ask, with the expectation that you are able to reflect and provide clinical examples. I always write out my answers in advance and read through my past performance reviews. Sure, I still get a little nervous. However, I generally find interviews to go well. Remember that you are also interviewing the employer. If the manager is cold or indifferent, then I probably don't want to work for them. Good luck!
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    nursing is like a pacemaker that mekes pulses of life and prevent cardiac arrest
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    My interview for PP was cancelled again and rescheduled. I can't help but to feel discouraged after it being cancelled twice now. I recently turned down 2 offers, hoping this one would pan out.
    I'm still keeping my faith that I'll find my niche and excel. I used to be a job hopper and now that I'm in a postion where money is not a priority for me right now, I've decided to make my decisions very carefully.

    Definitetly don't want to burn any bridges.