Tummy Tuck and BA- going back to work - page 3

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Hi all, It's been a while since I have been on this site; I actually had to make a new profile. I work on a busy med/surg/onc unit and took 3 weeks off to get a tummy tuck and breast aug. My surgeon cleared me for work with the... Read More

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    Check your own organization's policy to make sure but . .

    In my organization, We have to use PTO for the first week of medical leave, then Short Term Disability kicks in at 60% of salary. You can opt to just use PTO if you have enough & want to continue 100% pay. You can't return to work without physician clearance - signature on the form that lists all the 'normal' physical and functional requirements for your job. Managers cannot clear an employee to return to work - only the physician.

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