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My mom has been born with a congenital heart defect. So, her family has been very protective of her. So protective, that, they wouldn't allow her to get married for fear that she would die of childbirth. But my mom was a... Read More

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    I lost my Mom in October. Right now I feel lost without her both personally and professionally. I am wondering if I want to be in nursing anymore but I have to make a living. I know that I am still mourning but I have been feeling this way even before her death. I realize part of the reason is that I was tired (I was her caregiver) and still remain tired. When she first became ill I tokk a job closer to home. After 2 years and feeling unhappy with my job and stressed about work I decided to take a job further from home thinking that If I moe I would be happier and less stressed and less short tempered with my mother well she died. I was right there when she died a very painful death. She had a stroke and could not really express what was wrong but she was thrashing about until she died. This memory of her will never leave me and I have tearful bought at least every other day. I am not sure what I am seeking but I just wanted you to know that I feel your pain but I hold on to something my Mom used to say "there is a reason for everything". I am not sure why it happened this way but I am sure there is a message in there somewhere.
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    Dear SueSue3
    I feel your pain. I was with my mother as she died. Nursing is way too stressful and life is too short to be stressed every single day of your life.
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    Quote from herring_RN
    Your mother is with you. I think she taught you kindness by example.
    Thank you and I completely agree...my Mom, our Moms are always with us. She was the most gentle and loving person and she taught me so much in the too short of time we had together. As I took my journey through school, not one day went by that I didn't think of her. As I enter the rooms of my patients today, I will always think of her smiling face and gentle nature and hopefully, I can pass that "good karma" along.
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    My relationship with my mom is not a close loving relationship... all I know is I have a mom
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    you have found your strength with a thought of comfortness to help those unknown to you at times. i too have held many hands and prayed as they were passing, and when they have just passed. i prayed with that sensation that they are loved...
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