Transferring CA license to Montana

  1. 0 I need help! I just took my boards in CA and found out I passed (HALLELUJAH!). I had already applied to the CA BRN when we found out that my hubby is on orders to transfer to montana. We are excited for the move but I am overwhelmed by the paperwork and the crappy CA BRN. It is almost impossible to get any help from them. Fortunately, the MT brn is much easier to work with and they were the ones who told me the cost and paperwork that is necessary for CA to fill out for my license transfer. The problem is i dont know where to find that paperwork. Anybody know? I have looked all over on the CA BRN website and havent found anything. How long should I anticipate this process taking?

    Thanks for your help!!!!!
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    The paperwork you need is all on the Montana BON website -

    Click "RN/LPN - Endorsement." I think CA uses NURSYS, which will make license verification a lot faster. Good luck!
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    Thanks a bunch!

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