topic suggestions for a seminar

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    hello fellow nurses.

    in the company im currently connected, we do monthly seminars/ updates.
    im on my 5th year now in this institution, and believe me when i say that i have ran out of topics to discuss.

    help! any suggestions?

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    Spirituality in Nursing
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    Quote from sugarloaf98
    Spirituality in Nursing

    thank you!

    i think thats a great idea!

    who or what institution should i tap in to to get me more infos on this (if u dont mind)
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    This link might give you some ideas

    also, The Australian Catholic University has a unit as part of their nursing degree, I'll try and find a link for you
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    thank you!

    its so nice of you to make extra efforts just to help a stranger!

    thank you!
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    Here's a link to a paper by Professor Susan Ronaldson "Nursing -A Caring Spirituality"
    Hope that helps!
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    No problem....good luck
    Would love to hear how you go.
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    What is your target audience? And what kind of seminars have you done in the past?
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    Violence at the workplace and how to cope.

    Invite an unarmed security guard to this inservice, seminar ;-)
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    hello!! can u pls also help me... plz give me seminar topics for student nurses.. thank you...