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to work or delay work?

  1. 0 so i'm quite confused of what i should do, should i work or not? but before you answer that please read my short story.
    just recently i found out that i did not pass the NCLEX and i got fired a month before the exam from a nursing home as a CNA, now deal is i don't wanna work as a CNA as much as possible cuz i don't feel like i'm enhancing my skills and knowledge (btw i have a BSN already).
    now i'm confused if i should wait after 45 days and take it again or work until i take the exam again.
    and i also live with my mom that nags and i don't wanna live with her anymore but i got no where to go and she's one of my options of getting that testing fee
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    I wouldnt get mad at your mom. She nags you because she wants you to succeed. Would you want a mom who wouldnt care at all? Be lucky that you have a mom that allows you to live with her. I would borrow money from her and return her the favor once you get a license