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TNCC: Anyone have experience? (Trauma Nurse Core Course)

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    So I am a new grad RN and thought TNCC will make myself more marketable for the ER.. I got the book today and the concepts/patho/physiology is all fresh in my mind still from NCLEX but I am mostly WORRIED about the practical stations - What do they test us on? What are some tips you can offer on passing?

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    Its is actually fun. you learn the mechanisms of trauma and will go thru each station to practice before you actually test.
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    Hi litbit! Thanks for your reply, do you mind sharing with me what each station encompasses?
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    I found the TNCC course to be really fun! The instructors were not intimidating at the stations, and we worked together to get thru them.It was a very good experience. Look forward to it!
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    Glad to know jmt.. I am just concerned with the stations as a new grad not familiar with "trauma equipment"

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