Tips for Memorizing Pharmacology - Antidysrhythmics

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    Are you a nurse or student who is having a hard time remembering pharmacology? In this video I will share some helpful study hacks and memorization tricks related to Cardiac Antidysrhythmics.

    Tips for Memorizing Pharmacology - Antidysrhythmics

    I am currently an RN working in the ICU, and I memorized a lot of pharmacology in nursing school by using memory tricks and mnemonics. I not only remembered the information on the exam, I still remember and use the information I memorized daily in the ICU. I created a youtube channel to share these study hacks and memorization tricks with other nurses and nursing students. I just started the channel, so please watch a couple videos and let me know what you think! I would love feedback and suggestions for new content.

    My first video is Cardiac Antidysrhythmics

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  3. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Great video! You definitely have a new subscriber!
  4. by   Lauren RN
    Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any specific requests for future videos!
  5. by   JeanVoice
    This is an excellent video. I can perhaps share this video with my students here in England?
  6. by   Lauren RN
    Thank you so much! Absolutely, please do!
  7. by   RunnerNurse09
    Loved this and wrote it all down! Thank you!
  8. by   Lauren RN
    Great! I'm glad it was helpful!!
  9. by   jn21
    This is soo great. Thank You!
  10. by   spotangel
    Great video! Born teacher! Keep at it! You are good!Loved it! Thank you!