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Those Darn Diabetics! Do you ever wish difficult type 2 diabetics weren't your headache? Your wish has been granted. They aren't your problem anymore. You read that right. They are... Read More

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    Hi Caregiver 1977,
    I agree. You don't have to browbeat most people to educate them. If you do have to browbeat them, you haven't educated them anyway. Some people just cannot or will not take instruction, even after watching a friend or family member have multiple strokes, swell up like a grape, lose a limb, go blind, be put on dialysis, etc.
    As a former dialysis tech, Navy Corpsman, and now working in the VA, I have seen some non-compliance!! And as a former smoker, I've made some of the same horrible choices non-compliant patients have. I suppose at the end of the day, one just has to grow up and take responsibility for oneself. Some people will and some won't, but I know that I can only do what I am able to do and what the Lord allows. It is frustrating at times, which you know all about, being a caretaker! But, God didn't call me to change anyone--He just called me to help. It is a great relief to know that it is not my job to bring about the things only He can do!
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