There's Gold In Dem Dar Cap Cases

  1. Know some of you would rather die than part with your school caps, but for those whom think otherwise, or are hard up for cash.......

    Don't know why or who is buying them but over the past year the price of nursing caps being sold on eBay has hit the roof. They all can't be for "dressing up" on Holloween or otherwise for costume use. You can find them new a Kay's for that and much cheaper.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Am new to AllNurses. Just reading your posts with the other web sites you've listed. I'm LOL as I read about caps. I just stumbled on my old caps the other day---one is a "flying nun"kind that I bought from a catalog as I didn't care for my school cap. I used to flare it out as wide as possible and I would change its stripes every week!!! One big red wide stripe, next week it would be two diagonal green stripes, next a blue one up and down the sides, then two sideways on the tip of one corner. Drove the nursing management bonkers--dress code only said school pin (which I wore) and A CAP (it didn't say SCHOOL cap). Got them on a technicality! I really did like that cap. Tried it on again and I will admit that I do kind of miss it, but not enough to want to wear it again to work.