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As a final assignment near the end of nursing school, I was asked to write an essay describing my most memorable experience as a nursing student. Wow… As I contemplated the MANY memorable (the... Read More

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    Oops the ahaa moment was several years on my nursing career many years ago but still just as memorable as yesterday. Home care does offer more time with each pt but does not mean less intense. Those huge wound vacs eventually come home thats when I take them. Gladly. I too love the big wounds.but understand out is usually just me and the pt. Love it.

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    We have to be careful when speaking about any group of people. Us vs. them. One of the sweetest moments I've witnessed, as a RN, was when I went with a doctor on his rounds. As he was talking with the patient, who was terminally ill, the doctor started crying, and sat down on the side of the patient's bed, and quietly, softly, cried with him. As with bedside manner of nurses depends on the nurse, so the doctor's bedside manner, depends on the doctor.
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    OMG Yes I also had a MD do that too, his compassion was so wonderful I had to leave the room I was crying so much. He then chased me down to ask what was wrong and did he say any thing wrong to the pt. He was and still is to this day my favorite. Though I have had some close... I dont get much chance to talk with the dr. directly usually on home care but when one calls me back personally multiple times he is a keeper, one dr that I to I talked to for the first time was so compassionate towards his pt that I in the coarse of the conversation called him by his first name. (I learned old school and that is very hard for me to do). LOL
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    Wound care is something you just have to get used to. I was in the armed forces as a hospital corpsman before nursing so I was already exposed to huge open wounds. I do believe the wounds you see on some patients in hospitals and ltacs make battle wounds puny. You learn wound care including wound vac placement and you do it when required by your job. If you are lucky you will see your patient improve.

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