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Son, We made it! I know that there are going to be people that try to correct me on that statement, "We" didn't do it..., "I" did it. They are wrong. I'm just talking to you right now little... Read More

  1. by   Amberlynn26
    This was one of the most moving letters I have ever read...I think so many of us can relate to you and your sons journey. It really was the both of you together than made everything possible!
  2. by   JJWanKenobi
    This was truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I can thank my husband, son, and family as eloquently for their sacrifices when I finish nursing school.

    Just beautiful!
  3. by   ljones6843
    That was so heart renching you should have been a writter!!!!

    Brilliant!! X
  4. by   frumpter
    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.
  5. by   CountyRat
    Quote from ljones6843
    That was so heart renching you should have been a writter!!!!

    Brilliant!! X
    She is a writer, and a good one.
  6. by   NYRN08
    Absolutely beautiful!!! May you be blesses with a wonderful marriage, career. You have one GREAT little man!
  7. by   busyallthetime
    I am in tears right now! Thank you for sharing that with us!!!!!:redpinkhe What a journey it was, but so so worth it.
  8. by   Meshell92183
    What a beautiful way to honor your son when everyone around you is recognizing your achievements. You can tell that you are an amazing mommy, congrats on make it!
  9. by   love-d-OR
    Wow, I feel tears coming down. That really touched me, you must be proud of your son... and yourself, you go girl!
  10. by   Deborah1967
    OH the memories this touching story brought back to me, My big girl (then 6) helping to rock, feed a bottle,read to her baby brother (under a year old).. so that mom could study,..You words were just beautiful....Congrats on your graduation.
  11. by   pednursedeb
    Thanks for sharing. Definitately save this for your son. Although I had a husband helping me. My children sacrificed 2 times. Once when I went to LVN school and then a few years later when I went to RN school. My kids are grown now and we can laugh about it. They say they are the only kids that got tired of pizza. My husband doesn't cook and on those nights when I just couldn't he would go get pizza or hamburgers. I hope I didn't clog up their arteries too bad.
    You did what you set out to do. Congratulations. I wish you well in you new married life and in your career. It sounds like you son is going to grow up to be a fine man.
    Welcome to nursing and may you have a happy life and long career.
  12. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    I'm crying tears of joy for you ( a stranger) and your little guy. Congratulations to you both. What a wonderful, beautiful, sentiment. Good luck on your continued journey through life with your new husband, new career, and your little guy.
  13. by   franciscangypsy
    Wow... this actually made me cry... good for you... good for both of you...