Thank You

  1. 10 On this patriotic holiday weekend, just a note for all active or past duty military service folk.

    Thank you for your service.
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    I can't speak for all my colleagues in arms, but I thank you for your thank yous and for recognizing the day.

    And as for me - "you're welcome - it's what I do" - and have done for almost 12 years now.
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    Always made me ridiculously embarrassed when folks used to 'thank' me in public but I second the first comment: Thank you for the thank you's.

    (I'm prior service Air Force and Army National Guard. Oh,, my first REAL-LIFE formation with my 'platoon'? The soldiers, upon learning that I am prior svc AF and a new to the Army said to me, "You were in the Air Force?! Oh - you must be one of those crazy a..s Air Force people..." LOL Nah, is it a different world? Like night and day...considering the fact that I was an Air Force 'MEDIC'. LOL was the whole 'humanitarian/first responder/disaster response' aspect of the National Guard that drew me in, truthfully. I just LOVE stuff like that.)

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