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  1. 0 As a new grad I just want to thank all of the more experienced nurses who have answered my dumb questions, pointed me in the right direction and have just been plain nice to me! I feel lucky to have had such a great experience as a new grad. My preceptor is one of the most amazing nurses I have ever met and she is so patient with me and I hope to be like her one of these days. I know no one is actually going to know I wrote this but I just wanted to share my gratitude. And yes I tell my preceptor how lucky I am all the time!!
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    first of all,certainly there are no dumb questions just intelligent inquiries. therefore, it would be a great idea if you let your preceptor know how you feel, remember is the little things that go along way with us seasoned nurses. as i wish the very best in all of your future endeavors.... aloha pumehana~ (good-bye with warm regards)
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    Lol, never stop asking questions, it keeps us sharp too! I hope you have a great career and find the niche you love!

    Warmest Regards!!!

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