tested unexpectedly positive for anti-hcv

  1. I have not had any exposures, until earlier this week , they ended up testing the source and the source was clear . I assumed i was fine and then i got a call from the public health dept she starts talking and said "im responsible for calling all people that have hcv" I was confused and then said "im sorry are you saying i have hepatitis C?" then she kind of stutters and said 'well we don't really know, you tested positive for the antibody but your pcr did not detect the virus"

    she couldn't answer any of my questions and the few she did when i looked it up she was wrong. So i called the facility that had done the testing . they apologized profusely for the health department calling me and they hadn't called yet because they were still figuring out what to do with my test. The hiv/hcv drs at the office felt that I didn't need any further follow up but the public health dept said i do(which i do) so they got in this tug of war, thus the blindsiding phone call.

    I guess im still confused . MY pcr is negative and my antibodies are positive. so the clinic is going to do a riba to rule out the possibility of a false positive. the health dept lady told me its not a false positive and that this would not 'rule out' anything and that i have most likely been exposed. the clinic said a false positive is a definate possibility.

    My question is with worst case scenario and i come back riba positive , i first of all have no clue where i was exposed. I donated blood about 10 months ago and they never contacted me so this must be fairly recent?. but they said that i will have to have a pcr in 6 months and if that is negative then i don't have the virus anymore. What im reading is that even if im pcr negative a 2nd time the virus can still be in my liver hiding and doing damage. shouldn't i still be doing follow ups?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    To be honest, your doctor or primary care provider is the best person to answer your questions. I'd schedule an appointment as well as testing ASAP.

    I hope things work out for you.
  4. by   Rnis
    Thanks...my primary dr is on vacation. I am going to be offered with an infectious disease consult if i come back riba positive and they said that if wanted to i could have the consult even if i was negative. so i will eventually get to speak with a specialist once the results come back but im kind of up a creek of uncertainty in the mean time. My situation is a little more complicated in that im also pregnant

    also editing to add that there is no more additional testing i can do at this time, i have to wait six months for the next pcr.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Agree that this is very puzzling. We can't provide medical advise and can only encourage to continue to follow up as you've been doing. Please take care.