telemetry certification

  1. 0 I am very interested in becoming certified in telemetry. Is there anyone that can recommend an on-line or correspondence course?
    Thank you.
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    Once I started on my telemetry floor, I took classes in BLS and ACLS and became certified in both---they were offered through my hospital.
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    BLS and ACLS are not substitutes for, or equivalent to telemetry training. There are loads of sites (just search) that will help you understand the different rhythms. Telemetry training should include not only rhythms, but cardiac anatomy and function. I don't know of any certification courses other than what is offered in hospitals for training purposes. If you don't work at a hospital, you can just call your local hospitals and ask for the education department. Most classes are open to everybody, non-employees just have to pay a fee.

    Good luck!
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