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Hi, I always longed to work in the hospital setting. I got a degree in college that would allow me to go to PA school, but I instead decided to marry my husband and become a high school science... Read More

  1. by   Baubo516
    To the OP - I am not a nurse, but I am currently a teacher who is leaving teaching to become a nurse. I am a music teacher, so I had lots of outside of school commitments in addition to the normal planning and grading that goes with being a teacher. From your post, it sounds like your heart is not in teaching, and believe me, I KNOW how difficult it is to be there day after day if you do not LOVE it! I loved it at first, but now that I am burnt out, I know I have to leave.

    I am hoping that nursing, while taking away my "summers off," may give me more of an even keel to my schedule and my year. I have been completely busy, overworked and stressed out during the school year, then during the summer I would collapse for about a week, teach voice lessons to make money, clean up my classroom, and then develop a terrible inertia that made it really hard to go back in the fall. For me, a predictable schedule year-round where I actually get paid for all of the hours I work may work out better for my physical and mental health.

    Check out my old posts/threads for other perspectives on leaving teaching, if you wish....

    Also - I was a military dependent growing up, so I know about the moving around lifestyle. My mom was a teacher, and while I don't remember much about her having summers off, I DO remember that she used up all of her energy and patience at work, and then was totally drained and often crabby at home. I loved my mother very much, but after talking with my husband, I realized that I was doing the same thing with my teaching job, and we don't even have kids! I am making changes to hopefully achieve more balance in life!!!

    Let us know how it goes for you!!
  2. by   rockymnthoney
    I am a military spouse and have been an LPN for the last six years (3 duty stations) and graduated yesterday as an RN. I did this at a state university in 3 years in one duty station. I already have several job offers in AK and in several other states as well. I have never had a problem finding work, actually the opposite! My next plan of attack is to get a double master's in International Healthcare and as a NP.
    As a military spouse you get priority hiring at military and VA facilities. I am not a mom but think that nursing will not interfere as much as you think. You can work for a school or clinic and have normal 9-5 hours or you can work at a hospital 3 days a week. Good luck with PA or RN, you will do great!!!!!
  3. by   teachtennis
    Hi all,
    I am a military spouse and looking to go to go back to school in the medical field. I graduated college recently with my bachelors in biology and I have completed a Medical Assistant program and have been volunteering at the base hospital for the past few months (of the 6 months we are stationed in MS while my husband is in training). I originally had planned to go to PA school but now I am questioning whether it is a good career for myself as a military spouse who will be on the move every 2-3 years. I am now considering that perhaps nursing would be a better route for someone in my position. So, my predicament basically revolves around which job is more portable. Any insight would be so unbelievably appreciated. Thank you