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OK so to keep it short but it isn't, I've been suspended from work due to a med error. Basically I was going to waste meds with my coworker who vouched for me but someone found the meds and turned... Read More

  1. by   Escape
    Sorry your really hurting. I'm in a different state, but our Board does not receive monies except for licenses. Renewals and such. You will recover. Try not to determine the rest of your life by this difficult situation. I've been there. Will pray for you to have peace.
  2. by   Escape
    My situation in a nut shell is, I was accused of giving a patient IV K+ through a peripheral site instead of a bag of solution. The problem was my patient went into V-Tack and almost coded. I was still in the room, called a code and hauled the crash cart into the room. The patients lines were tested and no K+. The bag already had K+ so that didn't show anything.The syringe I used was already in the sharps container. Family was at the bed side. They remember nothing about what I did. The patients labs came back with decreased K+. Do I remember? No. Such fear comes over you. You could have killed someone. Please see the rest of most of the story in another response to someone else. I know this hurts. You need, as tough as it may, write your version. Your memory will not retain it due to your pain. Praying for your peace
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    I am sorry, I don't see your response to someone else.
  4. by   connectchoicecareme
    [QUOTE=connectchoicecareme;9511155]If there is too much hit in the kitchen.
    The best solution is to get out immediately.
    Yes,get another job,learn from your mistakes.
    You now have rooms for improvements.
    Focus,focus,and focus.
    Good luck.
    Florence Nightingale "Do no harm to the sick".
  5. by   abixxy
    Be very careful about how you handle this. Perhaps you should consult with a lawyer. If your workplace goes to the board of nursing, they are going to do an audit of your employment history. Per BON you cannot lie on job applications regarding resignation and how you left jobs. It's not worth your license.
  6. by   connectchoicecareme
    Medication error is very serious. If you have been suspended for a week you should resign before termination.And you should get another job STAT .I am hoping that you have not been reported to the BON.If you have been reported explain what happened.Be strong and confident do not guess.Write things down to remember what you said.
    I am not sure if hiring a lawyer will be a good idea since some lawyers will quickly throw you under the bus.
    Sometimes every disappointment might be a blessing in disguise. So be strong learn your lessons and reorient yourself for the best.
    Good luck.