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Hi all, I am an educator in an acute care 400+ bed hospital. We will be going live with our electronic system in September 2012. I also coordinate nursing students. Our hospital wants to NOT have any students during go-live,... Read More

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    We didn't have nursing students on the floors when we went live with our EPIC...because they did not have sign on. We had enough trouble making sure all the staff were being able to sign in without trying to get clearance for all the students also. The first week was was spent ironing out gliches and bugs, we had people who couldn't sign on, we had people who could sign on but were under the wrong things, etc. I don't disagree with the decision. We had no students for one month, then they had a system for them to be able to have a sign on, etc. We are also a large teaching hospital so we had over 1500 people we had to make sure could get in and do what they needed to do.

    It isn't about not wanting students, it is about what is practical at that time. We did let the schools know 6 months in advance so that they would not schedule anyone during that time frame.

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    "the students won't get a good day of education.

    the nurses will already be frazzled enough without another distraction. "

    both demonstrably true. where's the snark in that?
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