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Sometimes in life, taking a step back provides breathing room, which breeds clarity. This clarity can illuminate the path to achieving dreams. Stepping back can be a great tactic to find clarity in... Read More

  1. by   melissa.mills1117
    Quote from icepak
    How do you hone your writing skills? I would love to try this!
    There are so many opportunities to write. Look for writing coaches and networks. Link with me on LinkedIn and I would be more than happy to help you. AllNurses is a GREAT place to start.

    If you love writing, then the best things you can do is read and write all the time. This will help to improve your skill. Read for pleasure, but to study other writers methods. Keep a list of what you like and don't like. Then, write. Write about subjects you know and love. Research and write about new subject. Just write! Best of Luck~Melissa
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    Quote from maybug
    I loved reading this as it is similar to my career path. I've been a nurse only 5 years, but also have experience in acute care units, hospice, and case management and am beginning a work from home case management position in 2 weeks. I am very excited! Like you, I know this is a role I excel in and doesn't leave me exhausted and stressed at the end of the day like bedside roles. I also love to write and have wanted to contribute nursing articles/blogs to the internet, but haven't pursued it seriously. Advanced education is also something I am not super thrilled about but am beginning to consider the opportunities it could lend me. Maybe you are my future self 10 years from now.
    Blaze your own trail. Find your passion and run with it! Case Management offers so many opportunities and what we do as case managers requires many skills that are marketable and needed in other areas. Be innovative and creative and do what you love! Best of luck!! ~Melissa