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I never thought I would be complaining about this when my previous nursing job had so much mandatory overtime it seemed ALL I did was work and sleep. I would wake up to check on beeping IV pumps. But now Im starting a new job,... Read More

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    Well at my work they will write you up if you get OT. I know when to ignore their blathering, and when they are serious. It's just ridiculous, we are short several full time staff they fired/eliminated the position and we have those wonderful chronic call-offers.

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    Work for no pay. That went out with the 13th Amendment.
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    Quote from dh07RN
    There's no overtime anywhere...reason being is cost. Hospitals are getting less reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid, and the government no longer funds the hospitals for treating illegals. This country is 16 trillion in debt and rising...The money that the government does distribute among healthcare is all on borrowed money, and eventually it will come to an end. This isn't something that is going to come and go like it did back in the early 90's...this economic devastation is world wide and will have enormous consequences. Don't believe me? Follow what is happing in Europe right now...when Europe finally collapses in financial debt, America will be next loosing trillions of dollars in the economy. Still don't' believe me? Over the last 15 months, the United States has borrowed 1.5 trillion dollars...that is the government's estimate, which is always lower than reality. Most economist will tell you the US has actually borrowed 5 trillion...come on people, let's face reality about what's really happening to this nation of ours. Instead, CNN and Fox News had the Queens Jubilee Day covered all day today. Really?!!

    The US GDP to debt is at 100%...We have consumed more debt than spain, portugal, italy, greece, and ireland combined. We really need to open our eyes and stop living in this dream world that everything will continue to go on as it was a decade ago when people were making money and the government was prosperous. We are no longer that nation anymore, and the signs are right before our eyes...and yet we choose ignorantly to continue on blindly. It's going to hit us hard, very hard, and people are going to be shocked and confused when it does.

    So what do you tihink it will look like?
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    It will look like Rome before the fall. The rich will continue to get rich, The poor will continue their slide to oblivion. The lobotomy box will continue to dumb down the shows to the Hillbilly Hand Fishing variety. Lest we forget the Big Game. There always is one. Ask the average American to name the players on his favorite team, You get a Litany of the Saints, ask the same guy to name two people on their school board and you get a blank look. This all happen before in history... And the winner waiting in the wings---China.
    "O tempora, o mores!" - Cicero

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