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Growing up in the 60's was a wonderful magical time for me. Everyone my age seemed to be just as happy as I was choosing whose front porch we would set up to play Barbie's. American Band Stand was on flowing out of the open front... Read More

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    ....and if neither nursing or singing work for you, you could be a writer! You are a very talented person! I enjoyed your post tremendously!


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    I don't know about your school, but in mine, you would have earned many extra brownie points from our instructors for your connection to your patient.

    Abbreviations R Us
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    To samyRN and DC Collins, your replies sure did me a world of good. I'm happy to know that others gained a good feeling from reading my article. I do love writing. There is an absolute freedom in the written word, just as much as certain music makes people free to express themselves. You remember the rock concerts you went to. A lot of "expressing" going on there!
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    There are people you meet in your journey as a nurse who touch you. I have known a few in my career. They are people who remain close to your heart forever.
    That you shared a part of yourself is what was important to this lady and to you. That is part of the art of nursing, to be able to connect spiritually to another human being who sees you, not your job.

    Merry Christmas
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    That is a lovely message for this holiday and the new year. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
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    wonderful article. me too wonder about crossing that line but i sing for my pts whenever i can & they r interested! keep singing it'll make you an even better nurse!!! what a great story
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    Could you imagine Shannon MM if we worked the same shift together? We could sing a song or two in harmony to our patients. We also could be reducing tension among other coworkers by focusing on our work AND being pleasant and happy with our tasks. That would be a good work environment huh? And the patients certainly would be more relaxed and comfortable.
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    heart touching experience .. Be blessed nurses

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