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I've been applying/stressing for about 4+ (going on 5) months now. On September 7th I went for my first nursing interview... and I was overjoyed that I was finally called. I prepared for the interview, researched and... Read More

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    I'm sorry but I've graduated nursing school and it's been over 2 years and still no job and only a handful of interviews. Like Biffbradford said, sorry to say but welcome to the harsh world of nursing as it is today Long gone the days when new nurses were hired before leaving nursing school and were being offered that lucrative sign on bonus

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    Quote from I Am ReadyRN
    I'm sorry but I've graduated nursing school and it's been over 2 years and still no job and only a handful of interviews.
    I'm right there with you. I graduated in 2009. I've had a handful of mixed experiences and interviews, but still have yet to land a "career path" nursing job. Welcome to the real world where the job market is competitive and the hospitals have their pick of experienced nurses applying.

    Hang in there. It's what I tell myself nearly every day.
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    Keep your head up and your attitude positive. Recruiters are great resources and can get you into interviews that otherwise you wouldn't have known about.

    I had to start in LTC/post acute rehab facility and did that for 10 months before finally getting in at acute care(woohoo!!). I figured that LTC was better experience than nothing. You still get the hands-on nursing skills (depending on the facility) and can keep up on your medications. I start on a med/surg floor this week and am so thankful to have finally ended up in acute care!! I did have to move for the job though...
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    iVe only been ot of work for 3 weeks. I thought i was doing something wrong! Ive work in Managment postions for the last 6 years. So now I dont have recent clinical experience!!!!! I've been a ADN for 16 years! so I decided to go back and get my BSN... after reading all this... Maybe I should learn to be a plumer!!!
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    Sorry to say, but I'm thinking of getting a commercial driver's license. I still expect to get a nursing job (I'm stubborn), but then I'll have that to fall back on if need be. Nurse by day ... trucker by night. God Bless America!

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