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Hi just a quick question, I recently recvd my offer letter for a new job and signed and fax it back to my recruiter the other day. I am newly licensed and it just dawned on me that I did not sign RN... Read More

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    Congrats on the job and the license! I agree it's no big deal. Soon you'll be signing credit card receipts with RN!
    Haha, I was just filling out bills and started to sign "RN" after my name on one of them. It's habit since the majority of times I'm signing my name, it's on work-related documents.

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    After 13 years, I sign RN on everything.... I have never been questioned....
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    RN is part of your identity now. Good luck in your job and your new career.
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    As the others have said, once you start writing RN after your name for official work related papers, you will soon realize it's habit and you'll sign EVERYTHING with RN.

    I am forever having to redo things because I sign my name CT Pixie, LPN. When I leased my last car, the poor salesperson was beside himself b/c I kept automatically signing LPN after it. Finally, we just went with it so my lease paperwork and all related papers to it have my name with LPN.

    My new dilemma will be remembering to sign RN instead of LPN come May (fingers crossed!).
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