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We have shared governance at the medical center where I work. We have monthly hour-long shared governance meetings on our unit and then our ideas move up the chain of command to (hopefully) become... Read More

  1. by   Ruffles#1
    We have tried to get SG going where I work in a rural community hospital. I feel that management is too involved. Management is at all the meetings. If this is truly SG, shouldn't the nurses have a say and present it to the ranks? I agree with MunoRN, "it is a puppet government for administration.:" If SG is truly for the nurses to have a say and make changes why can't administration give it a run?
  2. by   jadelpn
    How about an email "reply to all" discussion? Then people can read it, think about it, respond to it on their time. When sending a new email, a time limit--"all input will be considered for a 30 day trial in 5 days" Or send the minutes to everyone, all have a few days to mull over, and put in their suggestions in a set amount of time. Then you could even vote yea or nay over email. Final 30 day trials discussed at the staff meetings. It is difficult to have to come in on one's day off, or in the middle of one's night if you are a night shift person. And same with coming back on an evening off. I am not a giant fan of group emails for everything, but in this instance, not a bad solution.