SAMPLE Letters of Recommendation!

  1. Happy New Year to Everyone!

    Well I will be applying to 4 Nurse Practitioner programs for the upcoming fall semester. When I asked my nursing supervisor, coworker, and manager for letters of recommendation they all asked me to write the letter for them so that they could review it and sign. The problem is that I have done this before for the same schools and cannot use the letters from before. AND it's just so difficult to think of different ways to describe yourself again and again without repeating the same points.

    Can anyone PLEASE help me with any samples of LOR? I will tweak them the best way possible.

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  3. by   rn4ever?
    This is to certify that____(applicant’s name)____________works for ___(company name)________ and that, I have been the Nursing Supervisor since___(date)_________ to present.
    I highly recommend_________(applicant’s name)_______________to the Nurse Practitioner program. She is a hard-working, reliable, and a professional RN, and has lots of potential.
    Should you have any questions, please contact me at:
    Supervisor's Name and Signature

    P.S. This is what my recommendation letter looks like and it works!
  4. by   JACEM715
    thank you.. this is a big help
  5. by   rn4ever?
    You're welcome!
  6. by   caliotter3
    I like rn4ever's example. Short, sweet, concise, says all it needs to, and multipurpose!