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salary for ward clerk?

  1. 0 does anyone know what ward clerks make? i live in nyc, but i'm curious to know what they make around the country.
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    I think the one at my hospital makes about the same as a tech give or take a buck. So $8-10 depending on work history.
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    I'm in NH and I'm currently at $12/hr plus shift diff.
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    Same here Andre- I'm in Upstate NY
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    I am in Kansas at a Federal facility....I work irregular tours, some holidays, and some weekends. My average amount per hour is $14.
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    The unit clerks were I work top out at $19.00/hr. We are constantly short a unit clerk. I have been floated on a slow day to peds, and paid my RN wage to be a unit clerk. I have even been a unit clerk in my own unit on holiday RN pay. Kind of a nice change of pace to be a unit clerk for a shift, but I would think there is a cheaper way to do this.
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    A good unit clerk is worth her weight in gold, IMHO.

    I remember one extremely busy floor I worked on. The unit clerk there practically ran that unit. She kept everything organized that was within her domain. And it was good. You never had to check up on things, ask for something twice.

    So a big thanks to all the unit clerks out there!
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    What is a unit clerk exactly?

    you can check out the department of labor and find all kinds of information on jobs around the country.
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    there are two kinds of ward clerks those that are indispensible and those who think they are....i have worked with both....many hosp0itals have a desk nurse and a ward clerk(s) they desk nurse signs off on ward case of error desk nurse and floor nurse are responsible ward clerk is not...