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Room 421 is just another room to an outsider, it looks like all of the other rooms on my unit, tan walls, oak wood trim, deep red curtains, a television on the west wall, a small brown counter top, and a simple bathroom but there... Read More

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    Nice story.. I also had creepy stories too during my night shifts.. It was when we found a foot mark at the weighing scale and on the floor behind it.. but there's no one out there and if there is, we could see lots of foot marks from the door to the weighing scale but what we saw is only at the weighing scale only.. Sounds creepy on us...

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    Several patients in room 7 on my unit reported seeing a little boy in or around their room. This was a few weeks apart and the patients did not know one another.

    It was noticed by a nurse who had the first patient and documented a "hallucination" and then saw my note a few weeks later saying a patient was hallucinating a little boy in the room. freaked her right out.

    Now we just expect that room 7 is haunted by a little boy.
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    I worked in a nursing home and as you may know at an SNF you are always on the run. A favorite patient of mine had left months before. One particular day as I was quickly walking through the hall, I thought I saw her walk out of one room into another. I took a second look because I was so happy that she may be visiting. She was not in the room that I saw her go into. The following day I was informed by my administrator that she had passed away the day before (the day I saw her). Never, ever believed in ghosts until I experienced this. Funny thing is that it didnt freak me out. It was actually heart warming that she made an appearance. Have not experienced anything like that since and that was sevreral years ago.
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    I honestly never saw this story before I wrote mine, and now I can't help but notice incredible similarities. I'm really sorry about that. Even down to the title. dang.

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