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Do any of the readers or posters here actually know of anyone that went from RN to MD. I wanted to see how many people actually did this. Most people I know that went medical followed the PA route.... Read More

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    I know 7 or 8... 3 anesthesiologists, 2 surgeons and some other various specialties.

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    Hi LucyWill..I was 29 when I started...Def wish I was younger also but you age regardless so do what fits YOU best. I chose the med school route simply because it's what I always wanted to be and I figured why not go for it. It is a very hard decision and I sit here and wonder why I am doing this to myself ..lol! But in the end 4 or 5 years will go by faster than you know it. Everyone has their own personal reason why they pursue NP school vs. PA school or MD vs CRNA school, etc.... so sit down and really think about your choices. I shadowed doctors and worked extensively with other nurses on the floors to help make my decision...because after all: this is a life changing career decision-one that isn't easy to change. As far as age..I met doctors who started at 40 and a med student who was ~55! Good luck in your decision... :-)
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    Quote from LucyWill
    May I ask how old you were when you started medical school? I'm considering medical school or PA school. I was considering NP but now that the programs are 4 years I'm thinking if I'm going to spend four more years in school I might as well bite the bullet and go to medical school (yes I understand that there is residency time to consider as well). It's a really hard decision, I'm not married and don't have kids but I just wish I was four or five years younger.
    Hi I posted at the end of this forum but forgot to quote you also :-)
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    One of my patients had a cardiology consult once (I work in the MICU) and the cardiologist used to be a nurse. She was fantastic to work with, even just stopped by to check on the patient personally at midnight, I hadn't even called her! She's the best.

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