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Do any of the readers or posters here actually know of anyone that went from RN to MD. I wanted to see how many people actually did this. Most people I know that went medical followed the PA route.... Read More

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    Quote from LucyWill
    May I ask how old you were when you started medical school? I'm considering medical school or PA school. I was considering NP but now that the programs are 4 years I'm thinking if I'm going to spend four more years in school I might as well bite the bullet and go to medical school (yes I understand that there is residency time to consider as well). It's a really hard decision, I'm not married and don't have kids but I just wish I was four or five years younger.
    Hi I posted at the end of this forum but forgot to quote you also :-)
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    One of my patients had a cardiology consult once (I work in the MICU) and the cardiologist used to be a nurse. She was fantastic to work with, even just stopped by to check on the patient personally at midnight, I hadn't even called her! She's the best.
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    I was 35 when I started med school. I practiced as an RN mainly Emerg for 9 years post diploma. I only thought about medical school when I went back to do my BSN I figured I would do the all the prerequisites and see what happened I also applied to grad school to do my MSN. When I got into med school my wife said we should go for it. We already had three children when I started. If you are willing to work together as a family it can be done. I am now a Pediatric Surgeon and my wife has a DNP.
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    One question I am often asked is was it easier being a nurse first. In most cases it was. I did well in classroom and found my nursing knowledge very useful but it was in clinical that I found it put me ahead. You can not learn to interact with patients and deal with death suffering and illness from a book. I was already very comfortable and did not have to drive up that hill like most of my classmates. I also benefited from being able to interacted easily with the nursing staff who seemed to go the extra mile to help me. I was once accused by a classmate of having the nurses always on my side. My medical school was also quite liberal with a number of older students and a laid back faculty that helped.
    When I started Med School I had not really thought a out where I would specialize but I ended up loving surgery. Everyone thought I was crazy and that I was too old and they would not what a former nurse. But I chose carefully and matched to a great program, and when I applied for fellowship my nursing background played a part in my acceptance.
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    I am new to this site and am intrigued by what I am reading, I am also involved in an interdisaplenary working group and looking to get input on nurse physician relations.