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RN to BSN on line or in person?

  1. 0 Please give feedback on your on line experience getting your BSN after completing an ADN. I live in a rural area and the on line route will work for me if I can identify the right program. Please share your experiences.
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    I'm currently finishing up an online rn to bsn program. I have mixed feelings about it. I don't mind not going to class for some classes, but I just wished the workload wasn't as much. I feel that when I took an in person class this past summer, it was easier and required less work. Either way, I don't mind. Online, allows me to finish up things on my time. Honestly, with my work schedule it would have been almost impossible to do in person. I believe that some people learn better in person. Either way, I'm still getting my degree.
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    I've taken both online and f2f classes. Online courses are more highly structured. I prefer face to face interaction and feel that promotes a freer exchange of ideas. But, take what best meets your needs.