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Here is the situation that has had nursing students, including myself, very upset over this one teacher. I am a first semester RN student, and along with 35 others and we have many complaints about one teacher. Now I am not out... Read More

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    Quote from xmissxscarlet09
    to an addition to what I have posted, I just would like everyone know that I do apologize in the way I may have stated things. Also, that teacher made an announcement today and she made it clear as to what they meant when they changed this rule. What happened was, everyone kept their original grade, and for FUTURE references, the rules will be more clear. I think it was just a big misunderstanding. And I really was not trying to get her back for anything. I was just curious to see if this was happening. In all reality, I really do not believe this teacher is trying to "weed us out". I think that at the time the students and I were just stressed out. But I will always remember to keep my head up and just take the issues as they come along. Thank you everyone for your comments :]
    Well, I guess the lesson here is that when you're stressed out your brain can take you to some really crazy places! Just remember that this is your brain on stress....it's a good lesson for real world nursing.

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