RN student in NYC, relocating take NCLEX in NY or Maryland?

  1. Hi, I am going to school in NYC to become an RN. I am hoping to move to Maryland when I'm done. My question is should I apply to take the NCLEX in Maryland therefore I can skip the whole 'licensure by endorsement' process? That way, I'll just be licensed in Maryland and not NY? Or do I have to take the exam in NY since I went to school in NY, and then apply for a license by endorsement in Maryland? I've checked Maryland Board of Nursing website and it doesn't have a specific answer to my question.
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  3. by   classicdame
    You need to talk to the Board in Maryland. They will still charge an application fee and will have to get records from the school in New York. Ask which is faster and cheaper. This is novel for you but I bet they get these questions a lot. Good luck in your new location!
  4. by   honeykrown
    you can take the NCLEX anywhere, you just need to specify what state you wished to be licensed at. I went to school in MD and I had the option to take the NCLEX in either NY or MD but i took it in NY.
  5. by   BrookeeLou_RN
    I went to school in FL and took NCLEX in MD, was no problem for me but this was years ago. Call MD BON and they will help you.