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Good Morning. I decided to post my morning coffee experience. As I pulled through the drive through one of the baristas, I usually get coffee from, noticed I has a stethoscope in my car. She... Read More

  1. by   OrganizedChaos
    Don't look on Facebook. The opinions of (uneducated) lay people is astounding. Just an LVN, just a nurse ... this, that & the other. Nurses get all the blame but the doctors don't. Ugh.
  2. by   Apples&Oranges

    Its just been a full circle week: trying to prevent narcotic errors from Doctors who prescribe, don't verify, and clearly don't understand the impact to their patients they are taking care off. Doctors prescribing and not following REM guidelines and ignoring nursing concerns, till multiple staff members are saying, "wake up and listen."

    We do so much, and there is a big difference from prescribing and administering. Administration is a lot more work, but that does not mean that we administrators don't understand prescribing criteria.

    SMH...I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you don't know what you don't know.

    Doctors don't understand the impact to their patients?
    Administrators (nurses) do a lot more work?
    YOU understand the prescribing criteria? Really...?

    Look, I gripe about docs just as much as the next guy. Probably about as much as they gripe about me ... in fact, I told an attending just today that her resident was an arrogant, smarmy little snot b/c of the way he spoke to me yesterday after she left, and I'd appreciate it if she could have a little "chat" with him about professional communication. However, his poor communication is b/c he is a 27 yr old kid in his first real job and hasn't learned social skills yet.

    What I did NOT do was claim that as a nurse, I was somehow more knowledgeable about pharmacology, pathophysiology, or the practice of medicine. Which, in a roundabout way reads like what you wrote.

    I get it. It annoys me when I am referred to as "just" a nurse. When certain people behave as though my perspective/insight/experience is less valuable than someone else's because, again, I am "just" a nurse. It's irritating. But the lack of understanding about the education, expertise and dedication of docs, and the casual way some nurses dismiss, belittle and undermine them is SO INCREDIBLY childish, immature, disrespectful and makes me embarrassed to hear and read it.

    How would you feel if a doc said, "Oh just here saving lives, gotta protect the patients from all these silly nurses, who don't know a beta blocker from a beta agonist!"? We all read the "disrespectful doctor" threads, and everyone is up in is doc bashing any different? It is just as unprofessional, but makes nurses look twice as ridiculous, because, really? You are better equipped to treat a complex medical patient than someone with a MINIMUM of 4 years of premed and another 4 of intensive medical school? Please.

    Again, I get it. You felt like someone didn't understand what it is you really do all day. Didn't understand the importance of your role in the treatment team. Had a really narrow view of your level of education and expertise. I get it. Now reread your post, and see if you didn't do the exact same thing to all of the docs that you have and have never met.

    She did it because she is a girl in a coffee shop and has no idea. We, as nurses, should know better.

    End rant. Sorry, it's July. I was over the "nurses save the patients from the new interns" jokes in February. Not funny, just insecurity and ignorance. I'm trying to love and support my brandy new interns, and, while they need some help with the details (who didn't when they were new?) for the most part, they are doing great!
  3. by   Horseshoe
    Quote from RNGummy40
    She tried to press her perspective that doctors were better and that they are the ones who save lives.

    My response: "So you have applied to med school and are waiting to find out? No? What's the hold up?"