Reading Material for New ICU Nurse!!! (New Grad) Any Suggestions?

  1. I'm looking for some resources before I start my brand new job in the ICU!!

    What do you think of this book? Would the older edition suffice?

    I also found, but is there anything else out there that you would recommend?

    I also want to let all the new grads out there know that you can do it!!!! Don't get discouraged with the job hunt because it will happen!

    2126, RN!
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  3. by   JeanettePNP
    I would suggest that you become a member of AACN. They have a wealth of material on their website and you'll also get a subscription to their journal and magazine. I'm not a critical care nurse and I've found their information to be invaluable.
  4. by   2126
    Thank you! I'll look into it!
  5. by   turquoisefire
    I haven't personally read it, but I watch a youtube blog (NurseNacole) and at one point she really recommended The ICU Book by Paul Marino. She worked as a nurse tech and evidently a lot of nurses on the ICU floor really recommended using this book. "The ICU Bible" is what I think she said.
    Like I said, don't know how it is personally, but you might want to check it out and see if it would work for you. Below is the link to Amazon's page for the product so you can get more information. They also have a "look inside" feature so you can check out a few pages.
  6. by   2126
    Wonderful, thank you!