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I've seen in a Korean TV show one time on youtube that there is a hospital in South Korea that has a band formed by a couple of doctors and nurses from the hospital that was featured. I'm wondering, are there anyone here who... Read More

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    Google the "Laryngospasms." Hilarious songs by a group of RNA's.
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    Quote from cherrybreeze
    A local band here is made up exclusively of physicians. A couple of them I see regularly on the floor, some of the others work with different medical groups and are associated with other area hospitals. One is a nephologist, another is a general surgeon, etc.

    They aren't associated or do things with the hospital, though. They play in local bars, etc (like any other local band). I imagine that if we had an event and were in need of a band, that they would play (I often wonder how they all manage to not be on call on the same weekend nights, since they are all in different practice groups, maybe that's why it's only every 6 weeks or so that they are featured somewhere).

    I've gone to see them a few times, in fact I'd like to go again soon, as they are really good! It's fun to see another side of the people you work with, isn't it?
    That's really cool. It must be.

    Rock Doctors!
    I've always played instruments, from years on piano to years on guitar & a few on drums. LOVE to sing too, always in Chorus as a kid.
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    Let's have an All-Nurses Virtual Musical Band! haha
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    does it count that sometimes my coworkers and I get silly (especially in the WEEEE hours!!) and we start singing and crack eachother up? LOL----and sometimes a patient will overhear us and say they enjoyed it

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