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    If a job application asks if you have telemetry experience, do they mean on a unit specifically called a telemetry unit or do they just mean experience with pts on telemetry monitoring? I'm really sorry if this sounds like a dumb question- it's literally just a drop down yes or no, as part of a set of 5 supplementary questions to the main application. I don't want to misrepresent but I also don't want to discount the experience I do have. Thanks.
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    In terms of experience, I would take that as specific tele experience- not just putting on the leads. jmho
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    Having telemetry experience means you are able to interpret rhythms,and know how to respond appropriately for any changes in cardiac status.
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    Experience with cardiac moniters,i.e. interpreting cardiac rhythms- that's what's meant.
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    i agree it means you can initiate the leads and interpret rhythms and recognize and know how to treat rhythms.