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Question for oncology nurses out there

  1. 0 Hello I am currently a medical/surgical/obstetrical RN who would like to become certified in oncology nursing. How to I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated. The only thing I have found online is a website where you can apply to take the exam for certification. I am sure there is more to it than that ie: courses or training. Thanks again!
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    Hi Sheabe32,
    If you go to the website http:// and click on "eligibility criteria" you will find all the information that you'll need before being eligible for the OCN exam. I'll just give you a few of the criteria that's required for the test.
    -an active RN license
    -minimum 12 months exp. as an RN
    -a minimum of 1,000 hours of oncology nursing within 30 months prior to application for the test.

    I hope this helps, and good luck in pursuing your certification.

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    I have been working oncology for almost 7 years. All I know I learned at my job. A group of RNs from my unit recently went to the Oncology Nursing Society's (ONS) certification program (the $200 tuition paid for by my employer). It was excellent and well worth the 2 days. My unit does not require any experience in oncology to hire. Check out for info on their programs. Good luck!
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    I agree w/the post above. Some people are hired w/o oncology experience and then take the oncology courses and get certified (which can be covered by your employer).