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My manager told me that I'm going to be Precepting a nursing student next month on their internship and I'm really excited! I love teaching and this time last year I was the nursing student on internship. It sounds so crazy to... Read More

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    Quote from outrunningzombies

    -Don't expect your student to keep up with you. Something that is highly recommended in my new grad program is not to give the new grad one patient, then two, then three, but to have the new grad take all of the patients but only focus on one skill at a time. Start with assessments, and when that's ok, move on to medications, then calling the MD, etc. Mastering one skill at a time is supposed to allow us to learn time management faster. This probably isn't feasible in the short amount of time with a student, but maybe you can adapt it to your student and unit.
    That is a GREAT idea!

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    PinkNBlue--I was skeptical, but it really seems to work. We get lots of small victories to boost our confidence, we can practice one thing until it's right and we understand it, and the preceptor is ideally always available to answer questions and keep an eye on us because she's taking care of the same patients.
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    Yeah. I like it. I do know my student has to take on at least 2 pts on their own by te end of internship. But again, this is under my log in so it's never really independent. So maybe the first night had them do all te meds then the next night have them do all the skill type stuff, etc. While still incorporating it all into the big picture of what we do.
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    Quote from KelRN215
    How independent you allow the student to be depends on a lot of things. How is the student progressing? What does his/her school expect of him/her? Always remember that the student is working under YOUR license. I precepted a senior nursing student last semester and her school (my alma mater) expects students to be 'independent' at managing a full assignment by the end of the semester. Now, keep in mind, this senior practicum was 120 hrs long... the equivalent of 3 weeks of full time employment. Don't know any new grad that would be independent after 10 12 hr shifts. I allowed my student do do all assessments, chart everything and write notes but I checked and double-checked EVERYTHING. At my institution, the students can log in and chart their own assessments but it has to be verified by the supervising RN.
    I know this thread is old, hoping KelRN215 is still reading! Advice from anyone else would be appreciated as well. I am nervous, I want to do him justice.

    I started yesterday with my student and his preceptorship is 120 hours as well. I am just wondering, when did your student start taking patients independently (well as independent as a student can be) because with such a short time frame I am nervous. Saturday will be day 2 and I would love to start him with one patient. Is this too early? I figure if he is going to be taking my full assignment (5 patients) he should start now!

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