post basic or degree

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    i'm still new in nursing field and almost one year contribute in nursing career. I'm working in cardiac nursing field for adult and pediatric congenital heart disease. i really need advice from here that in 5 years time i want to further study but i'm wondering which course are really suite with my experiences whether proceed for post basic or degree? I'm planning to further study in UK or australia.

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    Don't take this wrong, but you will need to be much more proficient in English. I have no idea what you mean about post basic or degree. But they speak English in UK and Australia. Well, it's sort of English in Australia. :: ducking and running:: (Seriously, I have friends in Oz, really I do...)
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    i think you the one that do not know what post basic in nursing. Maybe u need to find about it. tq
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    i was talking about career in nursing..not about an are very annoying
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    can we have some clarification please? you have posted in the general nursing forum so the assumption is that you are in the US. can we ask what country you are in currently? we can then move your thread to a more appropriate forum. thanks

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