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I am tired of seeing such negative threads!! I have an idea...:idea: Let's talk about the positive side of nursing! :nurse: Can anyone say what is the best part of nursing? Why get into the profession? Anything positive... Read More

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    I love these responces, it almost make me cry to read these cause I can feel what your saying.
    Epiphany: I know how you feel. I am first generation, I was born in the USA and my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I hate how some Americans can be so mistreating to immigrants and I feel your pain. I hope you keep reading these responces and make you feel better. And know that you are not the only one fighting for people without a voice.

    ShayRN, were do you work?

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    This week, I'm doing clinicals and yesterday I was at the county-run nursing home. Very large (300 beds) but still very clean and well-run. I was doing a lung assessment on a very confused, but very pleasant elderly lady and when I got done, she kissed me on the cheek! And...thanked me! How nice!
    The unexpected hugs and kisses are the best!!! Especially when you've been taking care of a difficult and demanding patient, and when they're ready to be discharged, they surprise with that. A couple of months ago, I got two kisses in one day. As one of my colleagues said "That's what will get you through the tough days."
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    Thank you, Coopergrrl and student4ever!

    YOUR stories are what true nursing care is all about, IMHO. Not care plans and nursing diagnoses, meds, and baths. I is simple human caring and dealing with the needs of our patients.

    Too many nurses become jaded and forget that.

    God bless and keep you both.
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    Quote from rafael80
    wow!!!!! people like you are what make me want to be an RN. you have really inspired me with your response cause i feel just like you. All I hope for is that i get accepted into our RN program and make it through.
    Thank YOU. Your response means a lot to me. It means I'm not some scraggly old hag following the sound of my own distant drums. I'll cross my fingers for you getting into the program.
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    there are alot of positive things about the nursing profession, but i think it's hard for some people to acknowledge them because they have not been in the shoes of many of their patients. people are people, and everyday that i work i remind myself that i could be the one lying in that hospital bed. this mentality keeps me in check and encourages me to be empathetic to even the most difficult patient. do i agree with some of the negative sides of nursing? sure i do. but if the day ever comes that i hate this profession, i will leave because patients deserve better.

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