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So I recently becamed licensed as a RN on 10/24/12 and I currently work at a family practice office as a LPN...5 months prior to graduating I spoke with my supervisor and asked if I would be compensated as an RN once I completed... Read More

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    Quote from BlackMurse1
    Get it in writing, we all learned this in nursing school
    If it wasn't written down, it never happened.
    Brother, you beat me to the punch! I was going to say that the corollary to "If if isn't documented it wasn't done" is "If you don't have an offer in don't have an offer"!

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    You are NOT over reacting. A month is way too long. When I transitioned from LPN to RN, I immediately got a 10/hr increase and saw it on my next check.
    Stay on top of them.
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    Something similar happened to me. I was an LPN at a LTC facility for over 6 years. Management kept asking me, "when do you graduate?" When I graduated, I planned to keep my hours but now as an RN. Imagine my surprise when I was told my position was budgeted for an LPN and there wasn't a need for another RN for nights. My title never changed, my job responsibilities never changed. I was an RN working as an LPN, so I resigned. Wasn't a place for me anyway.

    I don't think you're being dramatic. It doesn't seem like they're in any big rush to do this. If you were doing the work of the RN, but still getting your LPN pay I could see your frustration, but from what I understand you haven't taken on different duties. You can either sit tight or see what else is out there so you can start building up your RN experience.
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    I really feel like they dont have a RN position available but they are just not telling me which is very frustrating-I would much rather appreciate the truth instead of them having me wait for something that may never come. So Im still putting in applications and 2 people have already called back for an interview, so for now IM just going to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Thanks for your advice EVERYONE! &&& the congrats
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    Your smart to do that. You should have signed a new job description with an amount you would be paid on it. If they didn't have it done yet, then there's no process even being started....
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    I am so sad that the excitement (or so I perceive it) is so dampened in this economy at Nursing graduations now. It really robs these graduates from the fruit of their Labors. I understand "why" it is what it is, but we were able to have that cheese just out of reach only separated by graduation and boards. Now these guys graduate into a depressing job market, and it's just sad. I will be so glad when it gets better, it always has gotten better-but that won't make up for what these graduates went through!

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