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Hello everyone, I am currently in my freshman year of college. I went away to school with the intentions of per suing a BSN. I was already accepted into my schools program and I am currently taking... Read More

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    I would talk to a counselor @ school. I have not seen SLP's on this site. I'm sure you could find somewhere to communicate with them.
    Seems like you have figured out that nursing will not work for you. I wish I had!!!

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    My sister is an SLP and works in a special ed school. She has a great deal of job security and does early intervention on the side for extra dollars. She brings about 100k a year. I don't know what state you live in but the minimum for entry to practice is the masters in NYC if you want to work for the board of ed. I know that SLPs are hired in the hospital and LTC/SNF but there are not a lot of openings. Many of the SLPs I know work part-time or do contracts. The SNF I worked at had one contracted SLP who would come in about 1 per week and do all the evals for the four hours he was contracted for that nursing home.

    As far as working conditions go being a SLP is far "cleaner" than being a nurse. You aren't expected to be end all and be all for the patients. Unlike a nurse an SLP is expected to do that one job function and that's it. When my sister does her EI the family never expects her to do a little laundry, clean, or run errands. They actually respect her as a professional. Once she was heading on her way out the door of a case and there was a nurse present. As she was walking out the door the child fell. Of course the nurse got pooped on for leaving the child unsupervised for 30 seconds but my sister just walked away from the incident and wasn't even sure how to fill out the incident form when the agency asked her to later. She had to call me! Ha! The nurse on the case was immediately let go and of course the parent is suing the agency. Something to think about.
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    I'm kind of curious. What the heck are they saying that has you looking for other opportunities?
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    To mom-n-student, many thanks to the sister who wants to work with children with autism and medically fragile children, we need more of those angels!! Anyhoo, just remember, with nursing, you will not always be limited to one field of nursing, especially as you earn more degrees. You will also have the opportunity to teach and/or manage. At the private school I work at, the SLP staff we have partnered with from one of the universities in the city are wonderful help to our kids. Check out all the avenues both fields offer, you might consider having degrees in both fields. If there is one thing I have painfully learned, do not miss out on all the educational opportunites. Knowledge is a treasure that NO ONE can take from you!!! Blessings
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    Yeah, it's too bad that website doesn't exist. I only posted on here because I saw a lot of other posts and people with experience as an SLP did reply and have some input to give. Thanks though.

    mom-n-student, thank you. your post was very helpful!
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    Try to volunteer in a hospital or nursing home. Work as a CNA. Ask if you can follow a SLP around for a day to see what they do.
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    I know a speech pathologist who makes good money, enough to pay for her own house and like o.k. I think it's a good career, but I would also wonder about the amount of jobs opening in a certain area. I know you have to have a masters degree.She said she liked it because her schedule is flexable. I'm a cna contemplating nursing, but still not sure myself.

    Nursing is very demanding, even as a cna I wished I didn't have to go to work on the day everything was shut down because of snow. But no, I slowly made my way to my patients house and prayed I didn't end up in the ditch with the other cars on the side of the road.
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    Everyone, thank you so much for your input. Lovely_RN, that was exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Very helpful and informative post.

    I've been continuing with my research and think I am going to head in the direction of SLP.

    Thanks again
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