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I have been a nurse for over 25 plus years. I am finding physician abuse and inappropriate behavior still being overlooked by administration. Does anyone have a no tolerance or red flag policy on... Read More

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    kewlnurse.... LOL!!!!!! God don't get me started on those interns!!! Had one for lunch few days ago... gave me gas!

    PH of 6.8 ordered one, ONE amp of bicarb. I replied it's like pis**ng in the ocean. That rewarded me with a second amp!!!

    burp!. excuse me

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    Remember the physician does not work for the facility (usually). even if he/she does, NO ONE has the privilege of being abusive. Verbal abuse is a crime in most states. Have you tried creating a "BEST MD" award, voted on by Nursing only? Post the criteria everywhere, and make a big deal out of it. You might get people to be more aware that their actions are being observed by the entire staff, not just the one nurse that hacked them off.
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    I thought the same thing.....Small place here, my manager just loves to give the few hoity toity docs.....very few....a swift pat on the a$$ as they strut down the halls.........keeps them on their toes..........One of our surgeons made rounds a few Sat. ago in a nice fitting pair of Wranglers...........:roll ........after we got finished admiring his butt, he now wears loose chinos........durn.....Ortho doc wrote a postop order for tobra 80 mg. SQ q 8 hrs...... .I told him the patient was complaining a bit about that one.........had him all upset, until he realized we were rolling on the floor.....had the grace to thank us for catching that one, and blushed.......... Luv that man.....
    Seriously, have worked at big and small hospitals over the years, and prefer the feeling at small ones........we actually work as a team here....and LOVE my NM,she keeps all of us on the same page....most of the time, anyways........
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    Abuse starts in the beginning. 2 profs at our school are up on assault charges stemming from incidents with students in their classes. (within the last 2 years) Believe it or not they are both still teaching while awaiting the outcome of their charges-and thats just physical abuse-the emotional abuse from some clinical profs is unbelievable. One prof in particular is well known to make insulting comments to students in front of patients (this includes body size and other personal comments) Lately Ive been wondering if I chose the right profession. I graduate in 6 months and if the nursing working world is anything like my college experience I think Im going to freak! Im 39 years old and am highly educated prior to nursing school. Ive worked a variety of jobs but Ive never experienced anything like this. Administration of our school turns a blind eye and does nothing. Its absolutely unbelievable.
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    Sadly, neither my OR or the hospital have a written policy to deal with abusive behavior. It is a private-for-profit facility (emphasis on the FOR-PROFIT), and the facility regards the surgeons as the hospital's primary "customers", not the patients.
    In addition, we are located in the Deep South, and many ladies still have the submissive Southern woman personality.

    We nurses in the OR are frequently the target of demeaning, condescending, belittling comments. For extreme misbehavior we are instructed to fill out an incident report. These reports are forwarded to medical executive committee, which decides how to deal with the behavior. Nursing is not a part of this process at all. A few surgeons who were extremely verbally violent on a regular basis have been required to go for counseling, and this seemed to "cool their jets" somewhat.
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    we get a fair bit of support at work in situations like these ...
    they are pretty rare tho ... and myself personally havent had to worry too much cos most of the docs i work with are pretty cool

    just this week tho ... i was working with someone who i do not work often with anyway but when i do its like enough to last for a year say ... anyway tues just gone he came in throwing orders round left right n centre , extremely demanding , rude n plain ignorant ... i was seeing red as there were a number of visitors in the room including reps and a student who was working with me .. he was basically making me look like an absolute idiot for standing there putting up with it i think ... so had to get out or i honestly believe i would have come out with a mouth full of colourful language or worse decked the animal .. i just about lost it in my bosses office n was replaced with sum other nurse ... cos i simply wont put up with that kind of pathetic behaviour

    even writing bout this now makes me wanna go track him down n slap him stupid ... anyway , he was left surprised n feeling rather foolish when the replacement went down and he even suggested he find me to apologise ... he was advised not to ... as he may not like to hear wot i have to say or wot i might do

    felt better for it ... leaving the situation ... tho , i have to wonder ... how i will react to his apology when it does come ... next week prolly cos hes not in much ... mm id rather he didnt bother at all ... and i hope i dont have to work with him again .. spose its reassuring tho to kno we dont have to work like that ... on most other days i prob could have let it go over my head but for wotever reason that day i couldnt do it ...

    so very few of them do this to ppl ... it makes me wonder why there r some who do ... it certainly screws up ones day .. and its totally not necessary

    nother occassion i was asked to report a senior surgeon ... he foned while preparing for an emergency case ... i told him the surgeon couldnt come to the fone n asked if hed like to leave him a message ... i was asked to pass on the message ... ' well tell him i said to f*** off ' .... first time ive ever had to relay such a message at the start of a case ... obviously turned heads in the room that day... this guy tho got reprimanded apparently ... never heard a peep outta him again myself ... but apparently he still is a pig on numerous occassions ...

    in hindsight ... was actually funny watching the reaction to that one ... at the time tho i spose i was surprised n just thought how unprofessional
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    We,,,,,, or I guess I should say I tolerate no abuse from the doctors,,,,

    In assisted living my nurses are my patients advocates,,,, I stress questioning them,,,,, until we get answer will hold med,,,, (per nursing judgemnt,,,) Find most pcp's of geratric patients,,, either one,,,, ask "well how long do you want to live??????" or just prescribe another drug to a regimen already as long as my arm,,,,,

    Administration,,,,, having only to get involved in one battle,,,, backed me up,,,,,,

    Doctor's are not gods,,,,, & they do,,,make mistakes,,,,,,


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