PEG/J-tube comes out what do you do? - page 2

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At my facility we, historically, have gotten a foley cathater and put it in the residual opening (sterily), inflated the balloon, checked for gastric content return and plugged/clamped it. (Note: under no circumstances would... Read More

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    Re: "A Jejuostomy tube is never replaced at the bedside. It requires a surgical procedure, in most cases. It required a surgical procedure to be placed, it cannot be placed in a GI lab. The tube is threaded into an opening in the jejunum. That is why most of these are sutured in place, but not the G-tube."

    Thank you to the person who posted this. My Mom went in to have a G-tube inserted, but due to a complication ended up with emergency surgery to repair a perforation on her stomach. The g-tube then needed to be used for drainage, so a J-tube was inserted for feeding which has now been removed. I'm amazed how many medical professionals along the way have confused the 2 in conversations about removing the j-tube, etc.

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