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    I'll go with relief, too. I was having so much fun at my first job that I thought to myself, "I can't believe they're paying me to do this."
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    Quote from RNewbie
    Also, got really depressed realizing that I made more working part time as a server and cocktail waitress than as a nurse.
    Seriously? Where the heck did you work??? (and are they hiring?)
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    My first paycheck came with a pretty substantial bonus, so I was quite pleased.
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    I was elated! I did not expect the amount I received for my first RN position. We are well paid where I work.
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    grn, what kind of nursing did you do your first job?
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    Delighted..Because I already saw the fruit of my hardwork=)
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    I for one, will be over the moon when I finally get a nurses salary. It will be over double what I make now.....I see the light I see the if only I could keep working as a CNA that would be ideal!!

    "No day but today"
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    I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy with how much I was making...but then I was sad with how much is being taken out for taxes and for health that's over 540 being taken out every paycheck. *deep breath sigh* more you make the more is taken out.
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    I was living in Chicago. I paid my rent, bought groceries, and bought four rolls of el tokens. The rolls of tokens were $10.00 apiece and that was a major expenditure! While I was at the bank, I also bought three rolls of quarters so I could do laundry. I also bought cat food and litter for the cat I wasn't allowed to have by terms of the lease. Dull, huh?
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    My reaction was ... Well, I could have stayed in my mgt position in retail for this. I had no idea how much nurses made until after I graduated. I have friends who are bartenders that make more than me.

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