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This is just a pet peeve rant post. But why do some people who should have a basic education on this call it "oxygen stats/ staturations". Drives me crazy. Ive seen people write it and say it. Its sat!!! Saturation! Ok end... Read More

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    "He's alert and orientated times four."

    Hate it.

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    My biggest pet peeve is advice & advise used inappropriately. When you are asking someone for their opinion, it is asking for ADVICE. When you asking for a response, hence you are looking for someone to ADVISE you regarding a matter. I know I sometimes make spelling errors especially in this technological age but I really try not too.
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    "open laceration"
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    oh man I forgot how to spell ammonia!
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    Scalpel and Scapula seems to be common, lol.
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    Quote from itsnowornever
    Didn't know it was, perhaps it's more prominent is the "saaahntameter " crew then and I'm not worthy lol

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
    I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to mean. I was pointing out that it is, in fact, a word. There's no snobbery intended.
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    Quote from ADN2B
    Believe it or not, I worked somewhere where not only was that how it was paged overhead, but how it was listed in the hospital directory as well.
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    I LOVE the Hyperbole and a Half blog about "The Alot." It is absolutely hilarious. "I love this alot more!" So funny.
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    Quote from Inori
    Hmm nothing wrong with saying oxygen saturation that's its full and correct name anywas. You see the phrase, "O2 Sat" only means something to nursing everyone else is like what? Today while telling clerical to contact someone in biomed that i need a replacement O2 sat reader it got a blank so i wrote Oxygen saturation, pulse ox, thing that reads blood oxygen AND drew a picture of a plastic clamp thing that goes on finger kinda like a big clothing pin.

    Alot of times even doctors forget the proper name for something but they're like uh i need that gauze thing with yellow stuff in middle so it does'nt stick ... you know I had no idea what she was talking about haaa. But later I asked some more senior nurses turns out doc was refering to vasaline gauze!
    The problem is they are calling it a sTat or sTaturation.
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